No. 65 • 07/2018


Learning from Mistakes with “Watch & Work”

The free-of-charge “Watch and Work” video series from ContiTech is continuing to see its popularity increase episode by episode. The training films show tricks and tips related to changing timing belts and chains and associated components for various engine models – by professionals for professionals.

These video tutorials, each lasting around five minutes, offer workshop staff valuable support in their day-to-day operations – in 16 languages by now, too. Presenter and technical trainer Stefan Meyer from ContiTech points out typical errors during fitting, such as with the Renault Twingo, where mechatronic technicians sometimes tension the tensioning pulley the wrong way when changing the timing belt. As a result, it tilts and seizes, meaning that the belt becomes hot when the engine runs. Stefan Meyer shows the correct way to tension it in episode 6 of the video series.

The advantage of this free-of-charge provision is that the videos can be viewed anytime, anywhere – all that’s needed is an internet connection. New episodes are regularly published on the YouTube channel at

All the videos can also be found on the ContiTech video portal


No. 65


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