No. 65 • 07/2018


New to the Range: Belt Drive Display for the Aftermarket

A feature that is already absolutely common practice in the US – positioning display boards in workshop waiting areas or on the counter of parts dealers for illustrative purposes and as sales aids – is gaining popularity all the time here in Germany, too. ContiTech is now offering a 1:1 image of a vehicle engine.

The first version of the new ContiTech belt drive display is a practical illustration of the drive of the VW 2.0 TDI engine incorporating components of a CT1139 water pump kit. The display shows the engine’s belt drive in actual size, demonstrating the position of the components and using a genuine ContiTech timing belt. “Our aim with this is to offer the dealers and workshops a sales aid and help them in explaining issues to the customers,” says product manager Adrian Rothschild from the ContiTech Power Transmission Group.

The belt drive display means customers are better able to understand why a repair is necessary for their vehicle and what work is involved. The kit products are color-coded to help customers decide more easily whether they want to have just the timing belt or the timing belt plus water pump or the timing belt plus water pump, tensioning pulley and idlers and all the necessary consumables changed. Via a QR code, they can also access the PIC, view the “Watch and Work“ tutorials and pick up further information on replacement parts. The belt drive display will be available from ContiTech from the summer onwards.


No. 65


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