No. 65 • 07/2018


Series Expanded: PRO Kits with Water Pump

ContiTech’s timing belt kits have been a proven success in the aftermarket for 20 years, and last year saw the advent of the PRO kits. The series is constantly being expanded – with the latest additions being two more PRO kits including a water pump.

The benefit of the PRO kits for workshops is that they contain exactly what they require for different needs. ContiTech is now offering the PRO kits CT1167WP1 PRO and CT1167WP2 PRO specifically designed for the newer Volkswagen engines from the EA211 engine family. This means customers receive practical kits containing all the necessary spare parts to replace the timing drive components. They include all the timing belts needed for the relevant engine in one package plus additional components such as the water pump. This ensures the repair can be carried out faster, more conveniently and more effectively.

“In the PRO kits, our customers get everything they need in a single one-stop package,” declares product manager Adrian Rothschild from the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. “Some engines require a second timing belt in addition to the normal belt, for example to drive a balancer shaft.” In the past, the customer had to buy two kits for that. Now just one PRO kit is needed.”

More than 30 different PRO kits are available for a range of vehicle models. ContiTech’s five-year guarantee is applicable to all of them. The portfolio is being constantly expanded. “Our aim is to offer what is really needed for the vehicle and address customers’ individual requirements. We also consult closely with the workshops to ensure that,” says Rothschild.

Customers can find the complete range of kits in the digital parts catalog at


No. 65


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