No. 59 • 06/2017


TVD Pulleys: ContiTech Expands Product Portfolio, Quality and Service

New pulleys, updates and in-house designs: In addition to expanding its range, ContiTech is also working on constantly improving the quality of its products.

“We aim to offer customers the optimal aftermarket solution – in the best possible quality,” says Product Manager Adrian Rothschild. And he continues: “For us, that means constantly further improving our products.” Achieving the longest possible service life for the aftermarket component is the top priority. To ensure that, ContiTech uses state-of-the art simulation tools and checks the engineering design products – e.g. TVD pulleys – with great precision.

The particular challenge facing customers is to identify the small but crucial differences between the various products in the market. These are often scarcely detectable at first glance. Different quality standards definitely exist, even when products often look the same. This is where product knowledge is called for: “A good pointer to genuine TVD pulleys from ContiTech is the ContiTech name on the product,” declares Rothschild.

Since TVD pulleys often have no change interval clearly defined by the manufacturer, they are usually only replaced in the event of damage. “However, we recommend also checking the belt drive components whenever a belt is changed and replacing them, if necessary,” says Rothschild. This saves customers time and money, while also ensuring trouble-free operation of the belt drive at the same time. ContiTech’s tip: Cracks and wear on the damper often occur first on the back. The pulley in the vehicle should therefore be carefully checked.

In order to offer customers the best possible service and to complete the offer relating to TVD pulleys, ContiTech also supplies the special bolts needed when changing the component. These are included in the practical mounting set, ensuring that workshops have all the components required for changing the pulley in one place. In conjunction with its multi V-belt kits, its standalone water pumps for the auxillary drive and its alternator free wheel, ContiTech provides everything needed for the belt drive.

No. 59


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