No. 59 • 06/2017


Video Series Providing Practical Tips

More models, more videos, more languages: Twelve tutorials with practical instructions on correctly changing timing belts can now be viewed online. And the free-of-charge Watch and Work video series is being constantly expanded.

In the training videos, which each last just a few minutes, expert Stefan Meyer explains how to correctly and professionally change the timing belt in various engine models – ranging from helpful tips on particular actions to correct tool usage. Instructions for common models such as the VW Lupo 1.4 16 V, the Opel Astra 1.8 16 V and the Audi 2.8 30 V are already on the program list. But things aren’t stopping there. “We recently bought ten new engines. In seven of them, the timing belt has already been changed and the corresponding video shot. Editing of the videos is expected to be complete by the summer so that they can then be posted online,” declares Heike Meinders-Bannick from the Marketing Service.

However, expanding the models covered is not the end of the story. What was originally only viewable in German and English will also be available in a total of 16 languages in the future. “In some cases the videos will be subtitled, in others voiced over in the relevant language,” says Meinders-Bannick.  

New episodes will be published approximately every three weeks on the Automotive Aftermarket business unit’s YouTube channel at


No. 59


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